INOKS Capital SA   © 2017 14 INOKS IMPACT REPORT Added value We provide capital for growth: To non-speculative companies active along agricultural, energy and commodity value chains By engineering creative, tailor made and highly efficient capital solutions That meet the specific needs of growing companies whose business models we understand Whilst catalysing positive impacts through sustainability- inducing structures We support local growth by: Increasing local production for either local consumption or export markets Supporting job creation within increasingly autonomous com- modity value chains Promoting sustainable farming practices via the efficient use of resources Helping SMEs align to interna- tional standards to grow a sound business 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 “Above all, our invest- ees benefit from access to the extensive network of par tners that we have acquired over the past 10 years, through which they will achieve much improved and resilient integration to their value chain.” Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih, CEO