INOKS Capital SA   © 2017 5 FOREWORD tion capacities. For instance, cereals fare very badly above 30 °C, whereas global temperatures are routinely exceeding 30, 35, 40, 45 and even 50 ° in some countries. Studies have shown that agroecology crops are much more resistant to heat and drought than traditional intensive crops. Therefore investing in the agro-ecological reorientation of our food production capacities is becoming a necessity. In- vestments in this field go beyond the rebound effect, unlike industrial investments which, by helping to reduce the energy and material cost of production, give rise to a more favorable market acceptance and, ultimately, more global matter and energy flows, and correspondingly faster degradation of the Earth’s systems. I have chosen to preside over INOKS’ Impact Committee since the company is committed to investing in resources that are grown from the ground or recycled. Our economies’ sus- tainability will depend on their ability to regenerate by substi- tuting extraction for recycling or bio sourcing.” Prof. Dominique Bourg, Université de Lausanne While presiding over INOKS’ Impact Committee Professor Dominique Bourg teaches at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at Université de Lausanne. He is a philosopher and specialist of the environment, global changes and sustainable development. He has published many works, most recently the Dictionary of Ecological Thinking (2015) with Alain Papaux. He also participates in various committees related to the environment, and was part of the Coppens Commission which prepared France’s Charter for the Environment in 2004.