INOKS Capital SA   © 2017 15 ABOUT INOKS Impact positioning Our investment strategy has adhered to strict sustainability principles from its beginning in August 2006. As of Novem- ber 2016 have been advised by Quadia, a specialist in social and environmen- tal finance, on how to drive, assess and report on the impacts generated by our investments in local commodity value chains and their stakeholders in emerg- ing markets. Onboarding Quadia’s impact methodo- logy helps us to materialise the tangible impacts that our investors’ capital ge- nerates throughout increasingly under- serviced emerging market economies. Aymeric Jung and Guillaume Taylor, Managing Partners of Quadia, explain further: “INOKS is uniquely positioned to be- come a key actor in the acceleration toward regenerative agriculture and a sustainable food value chain. We believe that the impact approach that the par tnership will put into practice will generate more ef ficient, relevant and for ward looking output for invest- ment decisions”. The resulting Impact Committee is composed of t wo directors from each company and overseen by Mr. Dominique Bourg. The committee gathers quarterly to review the Analysts' findings to compile within this an- nual Impact Report, evidencing the value-added achievements of the investment portfolio. Figure 1: First Impact Committee Roadmap