INOKS Capital SA   © 2017 9 OUR VISION 10 YEARS... 2016 marked our tenth year of man- aging and deploying capital within the c omm o dit y fina nc e uni verse. D uring this time we have achieved significant milestones: The collective and segregated vehicles that we manage have channelled over USD 3 billion Towards supporting over 100 different companies Active along the value chains of 37 dif- ferent commodities Throughout 35 different countries, mainly emerging economies …OF INNOVATION We have consistently pushed for innova- tion in the field of commodity and value chain financing, by remaining at the forefront of promoting social and envi- ronmental responsibility for our benefi- ciaries from the beginning. Over the years we have worked with reliable partners to develop innovative investment solutions. These include the first Sharia Compliant alternative com- modity finance vehicle in partnership with Sidra Capital, and an Impact Fund developed for the Swiss DFI, SIFEM. This first edition of our annual Impact Report, developed in collaboration with Quadia, is the latest step in our quest for improved reporting and account- ability, as we pursue our drive for better practices on which to build the founda- tions of sustainable & efficient alterna- tive capital.