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INOKS Capital at Zurich Forum for Sustainable Investment – May 18th

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INOKS Capital S.A. announces its compliance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Requirement (SFDR – UE 2019/2088).

As an Impact Asset Manager, INOKS Capital is passionate to foster aligned communication in the financial sector regarding the integration of sustainability into investment decision-making. INOKS seeks to align its disclosure with the EU Requirements regarding : (i) The integration of sustainability risks into its investment processes (our Do no Harm Strategy), (ii) Its understanding of the principal adverse impact of its investment and its integration into investment processes (our Do no Harm Strategy), (iii) The sustainable investment objectives of each investment (our Do Good Strategy) .

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INOKS has been selected this year again to the ImpactAssets 50 2021

INOKS Capital is proud to be have been selected this year again to the ImpactAssets 50! The ImpactAssets 50 recognizes experienced asset managers committed to generating positive impact, across a breadth of geographies and asset classes.

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Have you read The GIIN’s latest research in which INOKS Capital participated?

Have you read The Global Impact Investing Network’s latest research in which INOKS Capital S.A. participated: Decision-making: Insights on Financial Performance? This new study indicates that impact investors are approaching performance and capital allocation with increasing sophistication to achieve financial and impact objectives, marking signs of a maturing industry. Furthermore, one of the key findings reveals that Impact debt funds are especially important for risk mitigation and diversification!

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INOKS Capital is pleased to present its 2019 Impact Report

What is the impact footprint generated by INOKS Capital's Do No Harm (ESG) and Do Good (IMPACT) strategy and how is INOKS seeking to bring additionality? You will find these details and much more in INOKS's 4th Impact Report as this vintage seeks: - to provide an overview on INOKS’s investees' positive externalities, focusing on INOKS's 4 Impact Themes and associated 6 SDGs, - to show case 2 case studies discussing value addition generated through INOKS's investees in the cocoa and cotton value chains in sub-Saharan Africa, - with new sections to explain why Technical Assistance is the extra mile being geared for embedment in the investments and to position INOKS in the eco-system. To download INOKS’s 2019 Impact Report, please click on the below link.

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INOKS’s contribution to ACC’s Financing the Economy 2020 Research

INOKS Capital is proud to be featured in the latest edition of the ACC's Financing the Economy Research, produced in partnership with Allen & Overy. This year’s paper, which draws on data from 49 investment management firms representing more than $431bn AuM, shows that private credit managers will provide borrowers with over $100bn of capital during 2020. As well as providing new finance, private credit managers have also supported COVID-19 affected businesses with flexible finance solutions and pragmatic approaches towards forbearance or recapitalisation. Please click on the link below for more information on this new release (INOKS's case study on financing rice production in Ivory Coast is on p.28).

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INOKS’s contribution to IFZ Sustainable Investments Study of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 2020

INOKS Capital is proud to have participated to and to be featured in the IFZ Sustainable Investments Study 2020. This year, the study focuses on sustainable thematic funds: the assets of sustainable funds in Switzerland have increased by 60% over the last 12 months despite the Corona crisis and climate and environmental funds are particularly popular... However, only a minority of these investments explicitly promise a positive impact on the environment and society. Please click on the link below for more information on this new release (INOKS's contribution in German on p.207).

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INOKS’s contribution to the 1st Edition of the Private Assets Impact Fund (PAIF) Survey 2020

INOKS is proud to have participated to and to be featured in the PAIF Survey 2020. A great initiative toward data transparency in the impact investing sector. Indeed, the analysis was made over 150 investment funds targeting emerging and frontier markets with a development impact focus. Congratulations to Symbiotics for setting up such a report. Please click on the link below for more information (INOKS's contribution on p.107).

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HFM European Awards’ Winner Interview – Best Credit long-term Performance under $500m

Learn more on INOKS Capital S.A.'s food value chain strategy, its intrinsic resilience and how INOKS Capital S.A. navigated the COVID crisis. Thank you to HFM Global's European Awards for hosting this Winner's Interview.

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