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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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Un besoin en capital croissant dans les marchés émergents

INOKS discute avec Le Temps de l'opportunité qu'il existe à combler le manque de capitaux en marchés émergents, en soutenant en particulier le segment des PME qui participent aux chaines de valeurs locales.

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INOKS Capital and Quadia join forces on Impact Investing

Quadia, a specialist in social and environmental finance, will provide INOKS Capital with strategic evaluation required to effectively drive, assess and report on the impacts generated by its investments on local commodity value chains.

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2016 ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance

The ICC's annual survey on global trade finance trends returns with its 2016 edition, suggesting that the global shortage of trade finance is worstening, in particular for SMEs and especially on the African continent.

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Investing in SMEs in the emerging economies

In an interview for UNDP Geneva Blog, our CFO reviews the impact of INOKS Capital's investment strategy, and of the pitfalls to avoid when targetting SMEs in emerging markets such as sub-saharan Africa and Eastern Europe.

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L’Agefi: Matières premières et durabilité

INOKS Capital a fait du développement équitable des flux de matières premières en marchés émergents son cheval de bataille depuis plus de dix ans. Entretien avec Nabil Abdul-Massih, CEO, Nicolas Malky, COO et Ivan Agabekov, CFO.

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Investments in the Agricultural Value Chain

INOKS Capital were proud contributors to this new report produced by SIFEM, CDC, IFU, Norfund and DEG, which examines ways in which the value chain investor can improve his environmental and social due diligence, to achieve greater impact.

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Tackling corruption in Egypt: the dirty wheat problem

Smart cards and bumper crops: In this interesting enquiry, Reuters talk to officials, traders and even bakers, to assess whether the current government's efforts to address the short-comings of the Egyptian wheat industry are achieving the anticipated results.

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