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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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Commodities: asset class or investment universe?

When INOKS was asked to produce an editorial that would address how a renewed risk appetite and interest for the commodity sector could be positively met by the alternative investments industry, plenty of ideas stormed our minds. We decided to create an internal think-tank to address the question.

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Effet collatéral de la crise

Malgré une bonne performance, le fonds de développement durable Ancile souffre du départ de ses investisseurs.

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INOKS pushes financing fund, plans offshoots

Following the departure of its founder and CEO, INOKS Capital in Geneva will focus on growing its sole offering, Ancile a $103 million trade finance fund that provides working capital to commodity producers mainly in Africa.

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INOKS Chiefs Split

Founder Pietro Cittadine and CEO Maximilian Tomei have left INOKS Capital in Geneva. The pair was bought out by Partner Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih due to diverging opinions on what the firm's focus should be.

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Shariah solution for cotton pre-export

This unique transaction was selected as it demonstrates a number of significant innovations on a standard pre-export finance, as well as being Shariah-compliant, and of high social and economic significance.

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