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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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INOKS Capital publishes its 2018 IMPACT Report

INOKS Capital’s impact journey started in 2006 and since then we have continuously refined our investment processes by developing strong proprietary tools and overlays. In this 3rd edition, we detail our Impact and ESG framework and how the positive externalities can be measured.

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INOKS Capital is a new signatory of the Operating Principles of Impact Management

As signatory of the Operating Principles of Impact Management, INOKS Capital belongs to the first 75 adopters of the Principles. Despite the growth in the impact investing market over recent years, the lack of a common standard for what constitutes impact may have confused investors. In response, IFC led the initiative to create a framework for impact investing made of eight principles. Please refer to the press release to find out more about INOKS’ impact framework.

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INOKS Capital is proud to receive an “A” rating from Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

INOKS Capital is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2010 and received again an “A” rating from PRI. INOKS Capital’ Impact Strategy is to invest across emerging economies into companies in the commodity value chain that generate a positive impact, in order to contribute to sustainable markets worldwide. INOKS Capital has continuously refined its investment processes by developing strong proprietary Impact and ESG management tools.

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INOKS fosters sustainable agricultural practices

The IPCC’s report on Climate Change and Land states that most of the emissions of GHGS are linked to i.e. Agriculture and Forestry. Rapid reductions in these emissions will reduce negative impacts of climate change on land ecosystems. At INOKS Capital, we strive to contribute to sustainable commodity value chains by supporting companies with sustainable agricultural practices with the final aim to contribute to poverty reduction, food security and environmental quality.

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INOKS Capital appoints Ursula Nitschke as new Global Head Marketing & IR

INOKS Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Ursula Nitschke as new Global Head of Marketing and Investor Relations as of July 1st.

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INOKS Capital publishes its 2017 Impact Report

This edition highlights the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) developed in collaboration with SIFEM, whilst analysing the performance of INOKS Capital’s portfolio companies according to IFC standards and SDGs.

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