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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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INOKS’ contribution to the GIIN’s latest report on Understanding Impact Performance: Quality Jobs Investments

INOKS Capital S.A. is proud to have participated to The GIIN's new publication: Understanding Impact Performance: Quality Jobs Investments. Building on the GIIN’s previous impact performance series, these studies explore both investee- and investment-level impact performance. In doing so, this demonstrates how investors can begin comparing investments based on impact, as well as the impact of their investments relative to the progress needed to enhance qualityjobs. The reports draw on real-world impact results data to examine change in impact, compare investment-level impact results, and assess investors’ progress towards goals.

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INOKS’ participation to the Kazakhstan-Switzerland Investment Roundtable

INOKS Capital S.A. was honored to participate to the Kazakhstan-Switzerland Investment Roundtable and very appreciative of the opportunity extended to discuss it’s Funds’ agro-industrial complex investments in Kazakhstan. The signing of an MOU with Samruk Kazyna Invest for the inception of the AgroFund in the AIFC is a important milestone for our dedication to foster sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural value chains, in line with Glasgow COP26 urgent call for action.

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INOKS’s contribution to IFZ Sustainable Investments Study of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 2021

INOKS Capital is proud to have participated and to be featured in the IFZ Sustainable Investments Study 2021. The assets in sustainable mutual funds in Switzerland have more than doubled in the past twelve months. In 2021, CHF 775 bn have been under management in such funds, some of which have recently introduced climate strategies. The latest Sustainable Investments Study of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts shows that strategies designed to manage climate risks are a great challenge and currently uncharted territory for fund providers. Please click on the link below for more information on this new release (INOKS's contribution in German on p.269).

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INOKS’ contribution to Tameo’s PAIF Survey 2021

INOKS is proud to have participated to and to be featured in the 2021 Private Asset Impact Fund (PAIF) report. With a record sample size of 175 impact funds, the 2021 edition of Tameo’s flagship research report brings refreshing transparency and a holistic understanding of key trends and benchmarks inherent to impact investing strategies through funds. The results notably show a flat market growth of +1.5% for the sector in 2020. Growth forecasts are, however, much higher for 2021 (+12.3%) and this is the case across all impact sectors and asset strategies. Please click on the link below for more information (INOKS's contribution on p.119).

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INOKS’s contribution to ACC’s Financing the Economy 2021 Research

INOKS Capital is proud to be featured in the latest edition of the ACC's Financing the Economy Research. This year’s paper, which draws on data from 57 private credit managers representing more than $600bn AuM, shows that private credit managers provided an estimated $200bn of fresh capital during 2020, SMEs remaining at the core of the market. This year, ACC chose to broaden its focus and to incorporate ESG considerations: indeed ESG integration is an integral part of most private credit managers' lending strategies. Click on the below link to download the report and read INOKS's case study on financing sustainable value chains in Ukraine (p.35).

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TXF’s latest report on Private Credit and Trade Finance has just been released

INOKS Capital is proud to have participated to TXF's latest release: 'Private Credit and the Trade Finance Opportunity'. This report, produced in partnership with the ACC and Simmons & Simmons, highlights the increasingly important role of private credit funds and investors in the trade finance market. Indeed, opportunities are immense, with a trade finance gap estimated at $1.7 trillion. Where banks have exited or pulled back, it has left the door open for non-bank lenders to take a much bigger role across trade and commodity finance supply chains. To read the report, kindly click on below button.

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‘Investing in Agriculture in Emerging Markets – How to ensure impact and returns?’

Our CEO, Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih, was kindly invited to speak during iGravity's last webinar on how to ensure impact and returns while investing in agriculture in EM. Investing in sustainable and inclusive agriculture in emerging markets can have the triple benefits of alleviating poverty, mitigating climate change, and providing attractive returns for investors. However, ensuring impact and returns can be tricky, as investors traditionally see this sector as high risk and find it difficult to avoid “impact-washing”. In the executive summary below, we share the key takeaways from iGravity's research and conversation with them.

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Civitas Maxima: ‘Liberian Plaintiffs Make Swiss and Liberian Legal History’

As a donator and with one of its directors sitting at Civitas Maxima's executive Board, INOKS Capital is proud and pleased to relay this landmark verdict. 'Seven Liberian plaintiffs have made legal history, both in Switzerland and Liberia, as they persisted in their quest for justice for over seven years. The Swiss Federal Criminal Court issued a landmark verdict against Alieu Kosiah (...), following years of investigation which started in 2014. The former Liberian battalion commander of the ULIMO (United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy) rebel faction during the First Liberian Civil War was found guilty in relation to all but 4 counts. Kosiah was sentenced to 20 years in prison, from which his over 6 years of pre-trial detention will be deducted, and was ordered to pay over 50,000 CHF to the seven plaintiffs who testified against him.' To read the press release, click here:

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2021 Swiss Sustainable Finance Study has been released

“The growth path of sustainable investment funds continues, now even overtaking conventional funds volumes in the Swiss fund market. With ESG now broadly integrated into financial markets, a shift in orientation towards impacts is required as the results of this year’s report demonstrate. We see clear evidence of investors increasingly establishing a more impact-oriented focus: the category of impact investments still shows the highest growth rate of all SI approaches, at 70%. This is good news, since such an active approach can contribute to changing behaviour. ” To read SSF's report in which INOKS participated, please click below.

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