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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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Commodity Investor Interviews – Trade & Export Finance

INOKS Capital calls for a more institutional approach: TXF's Helen Castells talks to INOKS Capital chief executive Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih about the importance of regulation and his concern that some trade finance investors don't understand the risks.

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November 2015 – Hedge Fund Manager of the Month

INOKS Capital SA showcased as "Hedge Fund Manager of the Month" in the November 2015 issue of Wealth & Finance Magazine, which commended the company as one of "the most innovative, client-focused and driven fund managers deserving of this recognition".

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Global Competitors Emerge From the Forgotten Continent

The African Challengers: The Boston Consulting Group's report on Africa highlights the local contenders challenging multinationals and spurring growth in the continent through market proximity and access to international capital and technology.

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2015 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth and Jobs Survey

The Asian Development Bank's latest survey finds that the persistence of gaps in some developing economies is troubling as it continues to put a brake on trade growth and on trade-based economic value-creation and poverty alleviation.

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Sino-Swiss Synergies in Trade Finance

Geneva lures China to revive commodities-trade finance, hoping to bolster the city’s position as the world’s biggest hub for commodity-trade finance after the industry was roiled by a U.S. crackdown on lenders for sanctions violations.

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2015 SME Competitiveness Outlook

"Connect, compete and change for inclusive growth": The latest ITC report highlights the role SMEs have in addressing income inequality and presents a new analytical framework to measure their competitiveness.

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2015 ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance

The 2015 ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance uncovers patterns in business and trade, helping ICC Banking Commission members and various industry players make sense of these changes and their implications.

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Rubber barons – Commodity trade finance

As banks cut loans to commodity producers, others are stepping in. Before the financial crisis, big banks deployed $14 trillion a year on such deals. But that figure has halved, leaving a host of new lenders jockeying to fill the gap.

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Pourquoi l’agriculture a besoin d’innovation en finance

INOKS Capital SA est l'invité de Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) au pavillon Suisse à Expo Milano 2015. Nabil Abdul-Massih y délivre sa vision de la finance au service de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation.

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