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European Investment Fund (EIF)

EIF Support INOKS Capital’s New Strategy to Foster European Union Agricultural Transition

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New Swiss Sustainable Finance Market Study 2020 has been released

New Swiss Sustainable Finance Market Study 2020 has been released! Largest growth for more outcome/impact-oriented approaches among Sustainable Investments (SI in Switzerland overall tops the CHF 1,000 billion mark). INOKS Capital’s funds are providing financing solutions in the Agriculture/Food sector applying its impact framework. To read SSF's report and INOKS's Case Study (p.59), click below.

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New IFC report: learn how INOKS is implementing the Operating Principles for Impact Management

At INOKS Capital, we are committed to investing in measurable positive impact to make a difference in the world! Learn more about the impact investing marketplace by reading IFC's new report: ''Impact investing in private markets could be as large as $2.1 trillion in assets under management, but only a quarter of that, $505 billion, is clearly measured for its impact, both for development impact and financial returns, according to the report Growing Impact—New Insights into the Practice of Impact Investing''.

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FIAN’s 2012 report on Geneva’s Impacts on Right to Food in Southern Countries : an old concern still accurate

8 years after FIAN's publication, INOKS reaffirms the importance of committing all Geneva's financial players to direct their investments responsibly towards the real economy. Indeed, INOKS Capital hasn't stopped deepening its approach as a responsible, non-speculative investor. Contributing to its investees' resilience and independence. Supporting the improvement of their practices. Optimizing their positive impacts through the value chain. Food security and decent economic growth, including the non-acquisition of land mentioned in FIAN's report, are two of the UN SDGs considered in INOKS's investment process.

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Ghanaian paddy rice fields are growing for near harvest

Ghanaian paddy rice fields are growing for harvest in late May. Here is the story: INOKS’s investment funds entered into financing agreement with an investee (Ghanaian rice company) which operates across the value chain, from production to processing of finished goods. Here, rice is sown, harvested, processed at the mill and then stored in warehouses, awaiting distribution to local buyers. INOKS’s financing covers the full spectrum, from crops to mills. Furthermore, this investee runs a Project to assist the local smallholder farmers with inputs on credit, demonstrations, trainings, extension support and market access. In 2018, the company has worked with more than 800 smallholder farmers. To watch the video, click below.

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Preparing fields for grains planting in Kazakhstan

Farming is picking-up: one of INOKS Capital’s investee is preparing his fields for grains planting. Here is the story: INOKS’s investment funds entered into financing agreement with an investee (global large-scale agricultural company – here Kazakhstan) active in seeds, grains and pulses, sold locally and internationally. The financing spans from specialty crops to farming assets such as planting equipment or vehicles. Furthermore, this investee promotes sustainable farming and environmental protection and is highly committed to social development (e.g. by sponsoring schooling fees for children of the local community; by financially supporting people with disabilities). To watch the video, click below.

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Farming peanuts in South Africa

Ever wondered how the peanuts actually grow in the ground and get harvested ? This is how it looks like: INOKS Capital’s investment funds enter into financing agreement with an investee (corporate in South Africa) active in the groundnut production and processing. The financing spans from purchasing of raw ground nuts from local farmers with processing and conditioning taking place in a specialized plant. Finished peanuts will then be sold to the local market and later on also exported to EU or Japan. With this project INOKS helps local employment in the region where unemployment rate is around 55% by providing working contracts to all employees and ensuring prompt payment with its suppliers. The harvesting is ongoing in South Africa even during lock-down, food security is essential. To watch the video, click below.

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Newsletter – Why the Food Sector?

At the end of this first near unseen quarter, we would like to provide an update on the latest performance of the portfolio and offer a deep dive in (a) why our focus is on essential food sectors’ non-speculative transactions and (b) what key implications this carries in general and during these volatile times in particular.

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Newsletter – Portfolio Valuation

Following the prolonged spread of COVID19 with the now upcoming associated economic effects and continued global restrictive measures we want to keep you up to date what we see in the day-to-day business happening with our investees. Additionally, we would like to elaborate how we are valuing the portfolio (applying IFRS9 accounting standards) and ensure continued tracking and evaluation of our commodity collateral. We would like to emphasize we do not intend to change this valuation procedure and NAV dealings because of the current COVID19 situation.

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Newsletter – Pandemic & Market Sell-Off

In light of the continued stress being experienced by the global financial markets, primarily equities and over the last days energies as well, INOKS provides a portfolio update on impacts from COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to mitigate them. The Team remains at your disposal for any further information and shall not fail to update as and when required.

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